2FA - deploy konnector to self-hosted cozy?

What did you do?

forked amazon to get results from amazon.de

What happened?

cannot test fully as a UI is required to get past 2FA, but in dev no ui is available
TWOFA_EXPIRED is triggered immediately.


debian buster - fresh cozy install
I have a functioning apikey set correctly in COZY_PARAMETERS='{"secret": {"antiCaptchaClientKey"

I’d like to test this konnector. so i either need to deploy it to my self-hosted instance or get a UI somehow…help much appreciated.


If you run the connector iniside a cozy, you need to put your anticaptcha client key in the couch db :

curl -X PUT localhost:5984/secrets%2Fio-cozy-account_types/amazon -d '{ "grant_mode": "secret", "slug": "amazon", "secret": ", {"antiCaptchaClientKey": "SECRETKEY"} }'

If you your couch database is accessible at localhost:5984


alright thanks. that’ll come in handy.

The problem I face now is that I don’t know how to deploy my konnector to my cozy.
put simpy; where do i upload my code so it shows up in “home” (or “store” I suppose)

thanks again