[bugreport] Impossible to unlink account to instance with expired certificate


I’m attempting to switch from my self-hosted instance to a managed one. In that process I’m trying to unlink my MacOS Cozy 3.8.1 application from the self-hosted instance by going to “Settings” and then clicking on the red “UNLINK THIS COZY”.

It spins however forever and I can’t unlink my account. Even if I wait for 10 minutes, quit the application and restart it.

My self hosted instance is reachable, however the certificate expired.

I di backup my files so I would be ready for an uninstall / reinstall trip.


Hello @raphael,

If the certificate of your server expired, the application is probably unable to reach the server and to perform a clean disconnect.

If you’re gonna link the application to another Cozy server, I guess the easiest path is to wipe the application local configuration. On your computer, close the application and go to your local folder, looking for a .cozy-desktop folder (it’s an hidden folder, you have to ask the Finder to display hidden files). Just delete this folder to drop the configuration of the application. Next time you’ll start it, you will be able to connect it to another server.

Hope this help :wink: