Call for contributors: We are looking for the new maintainer of the DataBrowser application


Hi Cozy Community,

One of the most installed application developed by the community is the Data Browser. It’s an app that allows to see the data stored in your Cozy, kind of PhpMyAdmin for Cozy. All data are displayed through raw lists. It’s successful because users see what happens under the hood of Cozy. Additionally, it allows to remove broken data or perform mass deletion through it.

Unfortunately, Loic, the author, doesn’t maintain it anymore. It’s sad because the application is buggy and requires some improvements to be fully useable. At Cozy, we are focusing on the main applications. So, currently, we cannot work on it.

The Data Browser is successful and increases trust the user has in the platform. It makes things more transparent. That’s why we would be glad to see the application maintained. So, we would like to know if someone of the community would agree to become the official maintainer of the Databrowser.

If you are interested, a member of the Cozy team will mentor you. He will help you to set up a development environment and explain you the way Cozy works. He will provide you assistance to learn BackboneJS and ExpressJS. If you want to perfom a full rewrite with another technology, that’s something we can help for too.

Developing an app for the Cozy platform is an opportunity to learn Javascript technologies and modern frameworks. Plus your developments will benefit to the whole Cozy Community. If you want to become the official maintainer, feel free to contact us by replying to this thread or sending us an email (contact at cozycloud dot cc).


PS: Of course, don’t hesitate to share this call for contributors!


If you still have need for this maintenance and upgrade service, let me know. I’m reasonably proficient with Backbone, express, node, docker and coffeescript.

Jim Hinds – old enough to know to never volunteer


Actually, I am now the maintainer of the data browser. But not very active. But if you have some pullrequest to do, I Can review it and it is still possible for you to become co-maintainer with me. Any help os welcome!


Please note that the Cozy team plans a huge breaking refactoring that will prevent running node.js applications on server side. Only client-side applications will be allowed, interacting with the server through APIs.

So the data-browser application will need some work to become a client-only application using the server API.


Sounds like you got it covered, thanks.