Can I use Cozy without a domain name but only with a public IP address?


I’ve read some cozy documents and all shows the cozy require a domain name.
I wonder if I can setup it only with a public IP address and self-signed certificate.
I’ve already setup a nginx as a reverse proxy for some services with different pathes, and want to add another path for cozy.
Anyone can help? Thanks a lot!


Hello @husqared,

No, you won’t be able to setup a Cozy server without a domain name.
(well, maybe you may be able to achieve manual installation by using self signed certificate and hacking hosts files, but this is definitively not a use cas we support).


hack hostfile or local dns server seems can support, but not fit for mobile devices and share with others.
may be I need to check other softwares…
Thank you very much!


Hacking hostfile will not be enough.
Cozy uses the fqdn instance in quite a lot of places, and not only on the user side.
You at least need to modify any user machine, cozy hosting machine and nsjail/chroot for konnectors. And this after any application installation, because each use a custom subdomain.
In my opinion, too tedious and error prone to be really usable in practice.

But there is no problem at all to use a subdomain on your case if your naked domain is already used by your reverse proxy. Each of your cozies will be under and your apps under