Can't sync Contacts and Calendar


Dear @rasmussvane,

Let’s Encrypt, in its standalone mode, needs nginx to be stopped as it needs to contact ports 80 and/or 443.

To make sure everything is prepared for letsencrypt, could you please check if the port 443 is open, using nmap for example:

nmap -p 443

replacing the URL by the URL of your Cozy, the same one you put in the letsencrypt instruction.


Just a small status update.

I have been trying to get Let’s encrypt to generate a certificate for me for days but it just keeps failing on me. I have watched and read a ton of tutorial and tried a lot of different methods now.

I give up :confused:


I’m sad to hear that. Let’s Encrypt should manage to get you a certificate if:

  • you have a registered domain name, and its DNS record points to the IP address of your Cozy server
  • any proxy you have on your Cozy server is stopped
  • the http (80) and https (443) ports of your Cozy server are opened (checking with nmap)

I’ll be glad to try and help you on IRC or any other mean.


Hi, I am experimenting the same issue. I use a LE certificate and I am able to register my calendars to my Thunderbird Lightning add-on.
Any Idea ?
I have to add that I am using iOS10 and even if I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter, the configuration menu has changed so the tutorial is not up to date anymore.


Hello @SimonV,

Some people are reporting issues trying to connect from iOS to websites using Let’s Encrypt certificates (not only on Cozy).

First, could you check your server configuration: your Web server should use the fullchain.pem file created by LE, not the cert.pem.

Are you able to connect to your server using Safari on your iOS device ?


Ok, I solved it. The problem was a wrong password due to the font used in the sync panel. The upper case of an “i” look the same as the lower case of an “l”
I think special font which clearly distinguish all characters is needed here.


You’re definitively right, thanks for the suggestion!


I think it’s just a problem with the nginx variable : client_max_body_size.

Enjoy :wink: