Certificate error on raspberry



I installt the cozy like shown in

The only thing I don´t know to do under Windows is:

Download the image’s signatures here and here.
Check the integrity of the image:
gpgv2 -v cozy-raspberrypi_4.1.0.img.xz.sha512.asc
sha512sum -c cozy-raspberrypi_4.1.0.img.xz.sha512

Cozy runs fine, but in my browser there is a Certificate Error

Please help

Thx Michael


Hello @michael.obe,

Welcome aboard!

How do you connect to your Cozy server? Do you own a domain name ? Did you set up a domain name and certificate for your server? Do you use a self-signed certificate? Or are you trying to access your server using a local address?

PS: are you aware of the big changes coming to Cozy this year and their impact on self hosting?