changing mail servers


i have everything seemingly working. but I am not receiving the email from my cozy server. i am wondering if I can put in full details for a smtp server. i know there was a prompt for a smart host which is where I suspect this is failing. but can i put in a full smtp server, port, username, password with ssl so I know that my cozy server will send out emails without problem?


For cozy to be able to send emails, you need to have a local smtp server running on the server hosting your cozy (eg. postfix)

However i did not manage to make it work so I won’t be of huge help…


I ended up using this thread

to get my activation link working so I could at least play with the setup. will have to figure out the smtp eventually so I can deploy this in a larger roll.


Hello @caddy,

Maybe could you try to install Postfix and use it as a SMTP relay to another, well configurated, SMTP server?