CONOPS & Architecture Documentation?

I’ve been looking all over the documentation, and I can’t seem to find a basic Concept of Operations or Architecture Document - you know:

  • what Cozy does
  • how it does it
  • the main pieces, and how they fit together

It’s kind of hard to figure out what one can do with Cozy, or how to extend it, without some understanding of what’s actually going on.

If such a document exists, can you point me at it. Otherwise, it’s a real lack.


Miles Fidelman

Hello Miles,

This is maybe what you are looking for :

Thanks. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Well done & informative.

A suggestion: It might be helpful to make it a bit more prominent in the documentation.

Thank you for your feedback, you’re definitively right, the documentation lack of a generic overview of our technical architecture. We are going to improve this :slight_smile: