Contribute to the Cozy Localization


Hi Cozy Community,

What is good with FOSS projects is that even people who can’t develop can participate via numerous ways: bug report, feature ideas, evangelism… One of the main thing external contributors can do is to help with the localization!

And you know what? Cozy is a localized platform. We managed to propose two languages: English and French. We had many contributions on Github to improve our wording. That was great. Even better, recently, contributors proposed to help us by adding new languages: German and Spanish. But, using Github and finding place where translations are located make contributions very hard to be done.

So, we decided to improve the translation process by setting up a new tool. We made an account on Transifex, a platform for localization collaboration. Transifex is used by Firefox, Piwik, Tor, VLC and many others. It allows to simply participate in translating strings used in our applications and modules.

With this new account, you can now collaborate to the localization of the Cozy platform, the Cozy Mobile app and the app we maintain officially (Contacts, Calendars, Emails, Files, Photos and Sync). Here is the link if you want to contribute:

We opened localization for French, German and Italian. Feel free to request your language, we’ll be glad to add it.

Cozy product survey results / Résultats du sondage Cozy!

Sorry the link was broken, it’s now fixed thanks to @Clochix.

April 2015: News about the Cozy project


My status is still
The user nIQnutn requested to join the French language translation of the Cozy Home project

Who’s in charge ?


Cool, I can help to translate in French… Oups, all translation have already been done even if the image say the opposite. Maybe the fact that you’re french may help :smile:


Yesterday, when I saw the 100% in transiflex for all apps (for french), I thought “cool, all apps have been fully translated”. However, it’s not the case, because only the official apps are listed in transiflex. So I think that something like @ben said in that other thread could really be a good idea.


I’m in charge and everything should be ok now @nIQnutn.



I’m highly interested in contributing to cozy. Because I am not a good programmer I want to do the translations into german. I started a couple of days ago and already translated some phrases and words. But I do now have a general question.

I found out, that parts of the translations are using the german word “Sie” and some “Du”. In french that would be the same like “Vous” and “Tu”. As I think that cozy wants to be a personal solution, I would prefer “Du” or “Tu”, but I would love to know what the makers of cozy are thinking.

And if there already is a descision, it should be written in the translation guidelines in transifex, so every contributor knows, what to do.



Hi @knax,

Thanks a lot for your message, and for your interest in contributing!
Go for “Du” (“Vous”), this is the choice we made in French.

And you are right, we should write it in our translation guideline, I’ll change that asap.



If I remember my german correctly: Sie = Vous, Du = Tu


@onome, yes, your are right.
@pierre, so since you are french, I think you want me to go “Sie”. Could you just send me a short confirmation? Thanks


Woooops :blush:
Yes, I wanted you to translate it using “Sie”.
Sorry for the misunderstanding :wink:



Hi, what is the best place to discuss specific translation issues? In the google import translation I found an issue (see

Although I am translating from english to german, there are still some french words in it. So there seems to be an issue with the english translation.


Hello @knax,

I think there is a way to report an issue inside the Transifex UI, but I don’t know if we get some sort of notification, so I think reporting issues here is just fine.

I just fixed two string in Import-from-google that where not translated into english.