CouchDB 2.1.1 & Coclyco 0.1.1 upgrade


This Friday 09/02/2018, we released a new version of Debian packages that provides security patches. This update requires that you modify manually on your installations.

CouchDB 2.1.1

CouchDB 2.1.1 fixes 2 severe vulnerabilities

The update provided by CouchDB also modifies the default behavior, which breaks compatibility with an existing installation (see here).

To properly upgrade your CouchDB without breaking your Cozy:

* Back up your `/opt/couchdb/etc/vm.args` file
* Update CouchDB: `apt update && apt upgrade`
* Turn off your Cozy and your CouchDB: `systemctl stop cozy-stack couchdb`
* Restore your `/opt/couchdb/etc/vm.args` file
* Restart services: `systemctl start couchdb cozy-stack`

If you have already upgrade and your Cozy doesn’t start anymore, just edit /opt/couchdb/etc/vm.args and replace -name couchdb@ with -name couchdb@localhost. Then restart CouchDB then Cozy.

Coclyco 0.1.1

Earlier versions incorrectly configured nginx virtual hosts, leading to non-functional konnectors.

In order to restore your konnectors, it is needed to edit each existing vhost (one per instance) in /etc/nginx/sites-available and replace proxy_pass http://localhost:8080/; with proxy_pass http://localhost:8080; (no more trailing /), then restart nginx (systemctl restart nginx).