Cozy and Tiddlywiki?


Hi all,

Recenty, I met people from the Tiddlywiki community. They told me how good Tiddlywiki is. It’s a powerful wiki solution that allows to make very interactive wiki articles. What make things really interesting is that among its many features, it has two specificities:

  • This is an app aimed at personal usage (no account configuration).
  • It’s a Node.js software that can be installed and setup via NPM.

That means, its integration with Cozy would not require too much work. The architecture fits well with the Cozy philosophy.

So, what do you think about it? Do you like TiddlyWiki?
Should we work on porting it? Should the community take care of it?



That’s great. I personally use and love Tiddlywiki. Linking between different pages is really easy, and that really helps to have a stack of open pages at the same time, so you can compare things, have reminders right away, and so on. There are even mods to use it as a GTD planner. Plus, I kinda think mods can allow one to program absolutely anything, text-based, in Tiddlywiki. I can easily imagine a way to craft links from Tiddlywiki to other Cozy doctypes, even maybe link a page to a todo (that’d be awesome, for what it’s worth).

The Tiddlywiki code is quite modular, so porting to CC would consist in implementing a new backend, I think. However, as I’m already using an instance, which is out of my Cozy, I won’t be the one doing the port, but would happily help in giving feedback and such things.



TiddlyWiki was also forked into the Twine project, for making interactive/nonlinear stories. Super interesting.

TiddlyWiki could probably serve as an alternative to Cozy Notes, which I see as more like a document-oriented notebook. I’d like the new Cozy Notes to have the ability to easily link other pages and things like that, but it won’t be the same as TiddlyWiki.


Hi Franck,
Thanks for this post entry :smile:

We will very happy when TiddlyWiki will be an Cozy App !

As we have some connections with Jeremy Ruston, TW creator, I presume we could transmit some information if needed.

And of course, I’m double here to help you to beta test !

Happy to know that :smiley:
FYI, If you want to help us to spread the word, we have launch a French forum community :


Super !
On my wishlist since a long time !


I think I succeeded in making TiddlyWiki available on Cozy. Is there any people to test?

Here is the repo url: (edited url)

If it works for testers, I will do some cleaning and add a proper icon.


So cool, thanks guys!

I’ll try this right away :smile:


first test worked for me!


App doesn’t start on my Cozy for me:

tiddlywiki5 CANT START:
 Error: tiddlywiki5 CANT START
    at onExit 
    at listener 
    at EventEmitter.emit 
    at letChildDie 
    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> 
    at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:98:17)
    at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:820:12)


App doesn’t start on my self hosted cozy aswell (with the same error as above).


I changed the name of the repo can you try with:



It’s working! I will test it later :smile:


Une fois que j’ai compris que la page se rechargeait sur getting started je confirme que cela fonctionne


L’installation fonctionne, et pareil que @Joo, j’ai mis du temps à comprendre que la page se rechargeait sur getting started. Ou sont sauvées les données? Je ne vois rien dans le databrowser.


Ah au fait, sinon je trouve ça super! Je sens que c’est une des applis que je vais le plus utiliser!


Il me semble avoir vu @frank mentionner sur IRC que tout était stoqué sur le système de fichiers de la machine hébergeant Cozy. :wink:

Intégration sympatique, sinon, je ne connaissais pas l’outil, je vais tâcher de me pencher dessus.


Oui les données sont stockées sur le disque dur dans le répertoire dédié à l’application:


D’ailleurs ceux qui ont installé cette app hier doivent la réinstaller car j’ai renommé l’application et toutes les données seront donc perdus.


super app un must have! je ré installe du coup :floppy_disk:


I found a little bug in the plugin section. if you wanna add a new plugin (ControlPanel -> Plugins -> Get more plugins -> open plugin library) through the plugin library, there appears the following error message:

The plugin library does not exist in this url.
The link should point to, because v5.1.11 is the latest stable release.


If you have look to the version, it’s in fact the pre-release version, TiddlyWiki version: 5.1.12-prerelease, so it’s not really a bug :wink: Because this is a test version without library plugin.