Cozy Desktop application not support a not 443 port url?

What did you do?

i setup a cozy server by docker with a tld juse like “”.

What happened?

it work well on ios app.
can not be init by cozy desktop. noticed with “Invalid address!”.


os: macos 10.15.7
app: 3.29.0

Hello @scjtqs,

Welcome aboard :smile_cat:

Unfortunately, all my colleagues that could answer this question are not available this week, so you’ll have to wait a few days before getting an answer.

Hello @scjtqs,

Thanks for reporting. We have identified an issue in the URL parsing code, the port is not taken into account.
This will be fixed in a future version of the application, but for now you have to find a way to bypass this issue. Maybe by using port forwarding, so your server listen on the default 443 port.