Cozy mobil app on F-droid



Cozy is opensource, as the android version of it.
Why it is not advertised on distribution platform too?

I mean it is only available on Google play store, no binary file (.apk) is available,
no other store is supported (android pit, amazon apps, samsung apps).

So by default all kindle device is excluded (despite it is based android),
and many chinese brand is excluded too, which does not come with Google play preinstalled.

Also Google play from time to time does not work.
For me, I recently get RPC:S-7:AEC-0 error, whenever I try to install any application.
(I tried everything from google search results except factory reset the whole phone)

In my opinion, it should be prominently available as downloadable .apk file on the website, near the Google play icon (where is it?!), and near the F-droid icon:)



ps: Owncloud client is available on F-droid too (not only on Google play)


Hi arcol,

That’s a great idea. We published recently a new version of the Cozy Files application. If it is as stable as we expect, we’ll share the APK file and publish it too on the F-droid store.


The APK is available here:

It requires a lot of work to publish it on the F-Droid store. So we’ll publish Cozy Mobile on it later.


Will be good to have Cozy Drive on F-Droid for all people running ROMs without Gapps installed (e.g. LineageOS).
Cozy main idea is to move out of GAFAM, so F-DRoid is the right store for APK, isn’t it ? :wink:


Hello @pied,

Welcome aboard!

The APK of the mobile app is already available inside our code repository:

And some members of our community are trying to publish it on F-Droid (sadly, we have no time to deal with F-Droid ourselves).


Hello, have you tried to push it on f-droid ?
It’s nice to have an access to the apk, but f-droid would let us update it easily.


Hello @louson,

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Publishing the APK on F-Droid is on our roadmap, but it’s not as easy as it seems, and we have a lot of other priorities.

Some members of our community have already proposed to help, but I don’t know if they have succeeded in meeting the requirements of F-Droid.


Ok, thanks. I hope it’ll come soon :sunny: