Cozy Pass iOS Sync issue

What did you do?

I successfully setup Cozy Pass on my Firefox computer.

I’m trying to install Cozy Pass on my iOS devices but no data shown after login.

What happened?

When I download the Cozy Pass app on my iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), and login, there’s no data shown in my vault.

When I go to Settings and hit the Sync button, there’s an error message saying it cannot sync, and the Last sync label show Never.


iPhone and iPad running iOS 14.4


Welcome aboard!

We are aware of an issue that may happen if you imported passwords from another application. Some of the imported credentials may contain additional information that are not recognized by the Cozy Pass mobile application and that make syncing fail.

Bypassing this issue is easy, you just have to export your credential from Cozy Pass, delete them from the application and import the file you just exported. This file should be well formatted and not contain any invalid data. So once imported again, syncing the password store with your phone should just work.

Let me know if you want more explanations.

Great! I went over the passwords and removed ones with an extra Note, look like it’s working on my mobile now!

Thank you so much!

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