Cozy-Run-Standalone not working


Hi all,

I’m attempting to run ‘npm run standalone’ and have also tried ‘yarn standalone’ when running the template repo in the konnector docs. I have the latest version of npm + node, i have put in the stock mark zuck credentials into the config file, and nothing.

My error reads:

this is most likely a problem with the cozy-konnector-template package,
not with npm itself.
Tell the author that this fails on your system:

any ideas?

EDIT: this works on a local setup, but not in a cloud environment (was using Cloud9). Most things work on C9, so not sure what the bug was.


Hello @rmnkbofficial ! Thank you for your interest in the connectors!

Don’t you have more error message? This error message is displayed only when the script run by yarn fails, it does not give information on the failure. Did you run yarn or npm install before running yarn standalone?