[en] Applications status update


A few days ago, we announced our roadmap for the next version of Cozy. Now it’s time to focus on the status and future of the applications currently available inside Cozy. During the first phase of the reworking, it won’t be possible to install applications that require some server side computation. Current applications will need to be adapted to work with next Cozy. Sadly, this adaptation may not be feasible for some applications, that will stop being available in your server. Overview of the changes to come.

First, let me remind you the roadmap for 2017:

  • by the end of the first quarter, you will be able to manage and sync your files and your photos;
  • by the end of the second quarter, My Accounts (the new name of Konnectors) will allow you to aggregate all your personal data;
  • by the end of the third quarter, you will be able to manage and sync your address books and calendars.

Applications that will stay

The Cozy Team and the community are working to port the core applications, they will be available progressively during the next months. This applications are, by order of apparition: Files, Photos, MyAccounts, DataBrower, Calendar and Contact.

Calendars and address books sync through the DAV protocol should be available during the third quarter of 2017.

We’ll add to MyAccounts new connectors to import your data from Google, replacing the current Import-from-Google application.

Two applications already use the Cozy v3 API, and will stay available: Music and Maps.

Applications that will go

Some applications have no maintainer left. Other will be really hard to port to the next Cozy. So the following applications won’t be available in Cozy v3 (but they may come back later):

  • CloudCommander and Droppy
  • Ghost
  • HasteBin
  • KeeWeb
  • KYou
  • NodeRED
  • Notes
  • RemoteStorage
  • Tablero
  • Tasky
  • Term
  • TheLounge
  • Todos
  • TiddlyWiki

Most of them are ports of third party applications, and don’t depend on Cozy, so most of the time, you should be able to host them on another server.

Applications whose future is uncertain

We have put the refactoring of Email application on hold. We’ll decide of its future once the other applications will be ported to Cozy v3.

Kresus is an important application inside the Cozy ecosystem. Porting it to the next Cozy will require a lot a work. For now, the benevolent developers don’t have the resources to perform the migration, but we’ll do our best to help them and make sure you will continue to be able to access your bank accounts inside Cozy.

Downloader is an application that allow to import into your server files hosted on the Web. We are exchanging with its creator to decide if we help him port the application or if we natively add this feature to Files.

Frost is an application that allow to save on your server a snapshot of a Webpage. We will help @y_lohse try to adapt it.