[en][newsletter] Is privacy a thing from the past?


Digital home, sweet digital home

Is privacy a thing from the past? Benjamin André, Cozy Cloud's CEO, explores the concept of privacy, why it is important and how we can gain more control over our privacy without compromising on our user experience.

FOSDEM & Decentralized Internet

The Cozy team wants people to take back control of their data, but we know this is just a part of a larger goal, which is building a decentralized Internet.
This is why we have joined forces with Julien Rabier, to be a part of FOSDEM in 2017 (to be held in Brussels on February 4th and 5th) and organize a developer room on this very topic. I you want to participate, you can propose a presentation, the Call for Papers is opened until December 4th, register yourself!

What's up on the forum?

What if your Cozy allowed to easily visualize a snapshot of what you did each month? This is the goal of Moi, a new experiment by Guillaume. The application analyzes the data you store on your server, then creates some nice dataviz, summing up what you did each month. Just give it a try and share your thought on how Guillaume could improve it.

If you have installed Cozy on your own server from the Debian or Ubuntu packages, you need to update the key that guarantee the origin of these packages. You will find more information on our forum

We have published a new article on the forum explaining how to delete your data for good when you uninstall an application. We also added a summary to the FAQ category, to make it easier to find the answer to all your questions. Ask us anything to help us enrich our FAQ!

Talk to you soon,

--Tristan 'C3PO' Nitot
Cozy Cloud Chief Product Officer