[en] Some news on the progress of Cozy V3: February 10


Hello everyone! :wave:

Some of you wanted to have more informations on Cozy’s current rewriting, so from now on we will share with you what we’ve done in the last sprint.

We just finished this year 5th sprint, here what we were up to during the last 15 days:


Compared to the V2, “MyAccounts” experienced improvements in its interface and various bug fixes.

Files v3

At the launch of this sprint, it was already possible to:

  • Upload a file;
  • Get a list from the tree and navigate into folders;
  • Download a file.

During this sprint, we have developed these new features:

  • Double-click interactions are now the same as in a desktop file system;
  • It is now possible to send to the bin a selection of items;
  • The information message in the event of an error following a network shutdown has been improved.

Photos v3

The Photos application already had the following features, implemented in previous sprints:

  • Uploading a photo;
  • View of all photos organized per month.

It is now possible to view a photo in full screen.


It was already possible to change the password from the options, we can now change other settings: email address, username, and language.

We also worked on two other features:

  • Implementation of the recording stages (onboarding)
  • Setting up the login screen

Cozy Bar

We have set up a separate project called the “Cozy Bar” which allows each application to integrate Cozy platform features, such as the menu to access at the options.

During this sprint, we have worked on the following features:

  • Added “Cozy Bar” to all applications;
  • Add the space information available in the Cozy;
  • List of applications to navigate between them.

Mobile application

  • The changes are now displayed in real time, and do not need a forced synchronization to display items.
  • It is now possible to navigate offline to find the location of our files.
  • Access to a basic parameter menu is possible
  • The application can authenticate itself to a Cozy via the oAuth protocol (without ever knowing the password of the user !!)
  • For Android mobile devices, it is possible to download files.

Desktop synchronization client

  • Possible synchronization between files / folders of our Cozy and our local files.

Gozy Serveur

The development of the server part of Cozy V3 had begun well before the other parts, lisiting all the features here is already would take too musc space. Hoping you will forgive us, here is a video of Romain presenting the progress of Cozy’s back-end as of early December 2016: https://blog.cozycloud.cc/post/2017/02/02/avancement-back-end-cozy-V3

These features are not yet implemented on the user interface side, our Front team will work on it in the following weeks.

  • Users can now see the list of devices connected to their Cozy.
  • It is possible to revoke registered terminals.· When uploading a file, it is possible to know the date of last modification.
  • Added a feature to download the archive of a selection of files and archive a folder from a browser.
  • The creation of links to ease downloads from mobile browsers is now possible.
  • The cozy-client-js library is now able to recover disk space used by files / folders.
  • Documentation cozy-client-js to enriched information on Trash
  • It is now possible to develop on the stack without having to manage the permissions.
  • Exploring the topic of connectors: how to secure their execution, etc.
  • Applications can now declare links to files. This will allow, for example, to detect if an image file used in an album when this file placed in the recycle bin, to avoid errors.
  • It is possible to list the doctypes used in an instance (for the databrowser :))
  • The “cozy-stack bug” command opens a github ticket with all the pre-filled useful information!
  • The “cozy-stack” command utility has a self-completion.


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Je recherchais la feuille de route du projet et je n’ai trouvé que cela dans les “Announcement” du forum. Ce sujet est-il traité ailleurs ?


Malheureusement non, nous ne sommes vraiment pas bons en communication, il y a fort fort longtemps que la feuille de route n’a pas été mise à jour et que nous ne vous avons pas informé·e·s sur les progrès du projet :frowning: