Fail to create the onboarding application


Hi there!

Trying to get a cozy instance running on debian stable + testing version of cozy I’m hitting difficulties while creating my instances.

I would like to use cozy-stack (it seems to me that colico force to use Let’s Encrypt) , but it fail at some point installing the onboarding application:

$ cozy-stack instances add --apps onboarding,settings,store

I do have the following message into stack.debug.log:

msg="Failed to install onboarding: Application manifest is not reachable"

In the first i’ve looked but didn’t find any onboarding application thing there.

What’s i’m doing wrong?


onboarding is not available in the registry, so you have to install it manually that way:

cozy-stack app install onboarding git:// --domain


Thanks a lot!

FTR: One may change from app to apps