February 2015: News about the Cozy project


Hi all,

Here are the latest news about the Cozy project. You will find what the community did and what the Cozy Team achieved during the last month.

Patch Notes

We are experimenting the publishing of detailed patch notes every two weeks. It allows you to know precisely what was done on every Cozy modules.


  • Bnj is working on a new version of Kresus, a personal finance manager. That version will allow you to know in which field your expenses are the highest via a new category manager.
  • Bnj helped with our dev tools.
  • Janx is working on a way to store your bitcoin metadata in your Cozy. That way you will be able to see your bitcoin balance in Kresus.
  • Goofy helped us for the French and English wording.
  • Alomvar reported bugs and improved documentation.
  • Googoid improved the API of request-json to make it match the standard Node.js one.
  • Hans made a deep test of the contact import and notice that some fields were not properly imported (fix on the way).
  • We had many bug reports and feature suggestions.

That’s all for the contributions! If you want to contribute to the project, you can check the following links:


  • The Cozy Mobile navigation is improved via a better management of the back button and a breadcrumb showing you the full path of the folder currently displayed (Guillaume).
  • Better experience with the file upload: you can cancel uploads and broken files are now marked in the User interface (Frank).
  • The Cozy Email client was improved a lot (stability, performances) (Brice). Current state:
    • Reading emails is almost clean
    • Sending and deleting still require debugging.
  • Fonts are more readable and consistent all over the platform and the main apps (Matthias).
  • The Files application stores more metadata about your files: last modification and checksum (Romain).
  • Running update through the web UI, is much more stable (Zoé).
  • Cozy management via the command line is more stable (Zoé).
  • On the first connection a wizard will help you to start with your Cozy (Matthias).
  • If you access Cozy via a browser on your mobile, it now looks clean (Frank).
  • A Raspberry Pi 2 image is available (Alexis).
  • Many minor fixes and tests were performed by the whole team.


  • The development environment is more stable and allows you to chose your database. It’s useful to not run tests on your development database (Joseph and Zoé).
  • The tutorials to create a Cozy application has more details.
  • We added guidelines about how to make clean applications.
  • We published our processes to manage bug fixes and enhancements.

Work in Progress

  • Alexis works on heavy testing the Files client.
  • Romain is working on the publishing of a first release for our desktop client.
  • Brice is still improving the email client.
  • Most of the team is working on the platform stability.

That’s all for this month. Thank you for your attention!