Good For First Contribution Tickets


Hi everyone,

Contributing to a on open source project is not an easy thing. Especially when you don’t know where to start with. Most of the time, we encourage developers to build their own application for Cozy. It gives them ownership on the project and offer them an experience in writing a full web app with Node.js. But some of the contributors just want to contribute to already existing projects.

To make it smoother to contribute to the core applications, we recently set up a new label on all our Github repositories. It’s named “Good For First Contribution”. It shows which tickets should be easy to solved. It can be related to a bug report or a feature suggestion. If additional help or details are required, we can provide some to you.

Here is the list of opened tickets labeled “Good For Contribution” (you need to be connected to your Github account for this link to work).

NB: We offer coding mentorship for these tickets.

April 2015: News about the Cozy project



I have a very strange behaviour with the link for the list of tickets labeled “Good For Contribution”.
When I open the link with Firefox on my Windows session, everything works well. When I try to open the same link with my Linux session, I get a 404 error from Github. I tried with Firefox and Chromium and the result is the same : 404.

Any idea ?


Hi @Grumpf,

Looks like this URL returns a 404 error if you’re not connected to you Github account. Could you try to connect and reload the page?


Well done @Clochix !

I didn’t realized that I was automatically logged on Github with my Windows session.
So, no issue with Linux but you should indicate that you must be logged in with your Github account to avoid a 404 error.


Post updated.


Thank you all for this fix. We should think about labeling more tickets with the “good for first contribution label”.