How does cozy compare to seafile?

Hi! I’m trying to find a lightweight file-hosting service that I can self-host on my Arch Linux machine (512 MB of RAM).

Cozy looks much easier to install than Seafile, but it seems to have way more features than I need.

Is it possible to use Cozy just as a lightweight file-hosting service? I don’t want the Banks/Password manager features. I just want to use the “Cozy Drive”

Is it possible to disable those features if I don’t want to use them?

Also how does Cozy compare to Seafile in general?


Welcome aboard!

Cozy is not just a file hosting server, it’s a full featured personal cloud.
The server part is written in Go and provides API to handle files and random “documents”. Applications are just single page applications running inside the browser and calling the server API. It’s not possible to disable features on the server side, but if you don’t use them, they won’t consume any resource.

Regarding Seafile, I don’t use it so it’s hard to compare.

Maybe you could try to register a free account on our hosting service: to test and see if Cozy meets your needs.


I’d say yes you can.
cozy comes with a set of essential apps that you can deinstall to only use the drive

regarding Seafiles, sorry i don’t know this app either.


Yes, you can deinstall the applications, but it will just remove their icon on the home page of your Cozy. The server code will not use less resources.

Good to know, thanks
and sorry for providing wrong info here :stuck_out_tongue: