How to contribute to Cozy?


So you’d like to participate to the Cozy project but don’t want to code? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of ways to help make our cozy cloud grow:

  • you can help translating the applications or the documentation. All our applications are available on Transifex;
  • test Cozy, especially after each update, and report the issue you find / your suggestions to improve the user experience;
  • test the Android application on all your device, the DAV synchronization with every software you use, or our (soon to come) desktop file sync application;
  • answer the questions on the forum or our IRC channel;
  • have a look at the issues reported by other users and confirm them / help us reproduce them;
  • write articles about Cozy, technical tutorials or posts explaining why it is important to take back the control of its data;
  • speak of Cozy or the personal cloud in conferences;
  • organize meetings to present Cozy and allow users to meet;
  • have a look at applications (in node.js or HTML5 without server) that could be ported to Cozy;
  • help us write the release notes or our newsletter;
  • improve our documentations, for developers and end-users;

Any other idea? Just comment this post!


Some words about the free Cozy test servers

Has anyone ever talked about Cozy on a conference? Is there a video or Transcript that I could use as reference?


Hi @lsmoura,

Yes, we already presented Cozy in a lot of conferences, and videos are probably available. Asking @nitot