How to write a command for chmod for cozy-stack



From the, in this part how to how to:

Rename it to cozy-stack, give it the executable bit (chmod +x cozy-stack) and put it in your $PATH?

Can someone share me the commands?


Hello @ainnazrah95,

Depending on your architecture, you can try something like:

curl -sLO
mv cozy-stack-linux-amd64-2018M2S3 cozy-stack
chmod +x cozy-stack
mv cozy-stack /usr/local/bin/

Could you tell us what you’re trying to achieve? Are you trying to install a self hosted Cozy server, or do you need cozy-stack to develop an application?


I’m trying to install the self hosted Cozy server. But I think for the beginning, I mean, before I set up my own server with Cozy server, I want to test the app with the any Cozy server that not self hosted. Any suggestion where server manual should I follow?


If you just want to give Cozy a try, feel free to create a free test server on our infrastructure:

Hosting its own Cozy server requires to now how to administrate a GNU/Linux box. Not only for installing Cozy, but also for configuring the underlying host and for daily maintenance. So if you’re not comfortable with GNU/Linux admin, I would advise not to host your own server.


oh ok Mr @Clochix. So in order to develop my own Cozy mobile app, I need to set up Cozy server first by using the free test server, right? Then, I can proceed to develop the Cozy mobile app and test with the test server. Is it true what I tell you (based on my understanding so far)? :sweat_smile:


Well, for application development, we provide a docker image. But it’s better suited for developing web apps. To use it for mobile development, you need to perform some hacks in order to connect your mobile app to your local stack.

So I guess using a real hosted server may be easier for developing a mobile application.