Install a konnector from git or https


I am trying to install a konnector from a git respository (a tar.gz exposed as blob), but I get errors “Application manifest is not reachable”. How is this supposed to work and where is the documentation (I used to have it but I cannot get it back) ?


Hello @nicolaspernoud,

Are you trying to install the konnector on a self hosted server, or on a server we host?



That is a self hosted server (using, that I will soon pull request into the cozy one). What we are trying to achieve is to simply deploy apps and connectors from our gitlab, without the need to push those to a registry or to keep another repository with only the built connector.
The best would be to point to a gitlab subdirectory but a tar.gz (that we would be commiting, would be ok).



I managed to deploy my connector, the issue that the git repo wasn’t public and instead of raising the proper cause, the cozy stack kept raising that the manifest was malformed (it’s obviously a bug), it would be nice to have a part of the documentation explaining the yarn deploy thing though, with the sources usable with cozy-stack konnector install…


Hello @nicolaspernoud,

Just a followup:

  • we have added some words to the documentation about yarn deploy: In the future, we plan write a complete documentation on how to build and deploy a connector. Your help is welcome to help us make the whole process more clear;
  • regarding the Application manifest is not reachable, its a generic error message for every situation where the server is unable to read the application manifest. We should probably improve error handling and display more specific messages for some edge cases.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback :heart_eyes_cat:

Are you able to run the konnector on your server now?


Yes it works ! The problem with the error message was that it was : Application manifest is malformed, which suggested that it was reachable … but it wasn’t.
Thanks for the documentation update !


Ok, I thought the error message was Application manifest is not reachable.

Returning Application manifest is malformed is definitively a bug, we gonna fix it.