Invalid csrf token while attempting to connect to cozy



What did you do?

Hello there, I wanted to access to my drive and my connect to check some stuff (with the webapp).

What happened?

I got an invalid csrf token error message. I am quite sure the password I entered is correct (and if it is not, I think this error message is not explicit enough), so I think the issue comes from your side :slight_smile:


I use ArchLinux with an up-to-date Mozilla Firefox.


Hello @GirardR1006,

Welcome aboard!

This is a very strange issue occurring randomly. It is due to cookies being blocked or corrupted.

Do you have some privacy enforcing addon inside your browser that may block cookies or scripts?

Could you try to delete your cookies from your server, reload the page, and try again to connect?


Hello @GirardR1006,

Any news? Did you manage to connect to your Cozy?


Hi, sorry for the late answer. Deleting the cookies worked it all out :slight_smile: