iOS App (Iphone, iPad)



im interested in an iOS App. Do youve any ideas for this?


Hello @Trimilur,

What type of iOS app would interest you ?

For now, we don’t plan to develop client application for iOS, but will focus on improving the ease of use on mobile browsers.


im interested in a client app like for android. a very big number of users are ios users. it would be very nice when you can develop an app because mobile brwosers arent so good vor clouds, files, syncs…


I would be interested in it too !
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Abosolutely! I found you today and thats one of the first things I look for in particular services - does it have an iOS app that will work on both my iPhone and iPad, next is, does it have a mac app, but that isn’t as important as a iOS one.


I am interested too for the iOS version


Got my new mobile for work today.
Sadly it’s an IPhone…
So i’m now also interested into an iOS version of the Cozy app !


Good to know! We are hiring someone to work on the portage of the Cozy app to iOS. He will start working on it in December. Once there, we’ll publish it as soon as possible. Follow this forum, our blog our Twitter account to be informed about the publication.


Hi there !

Any news about this iOS app ? Maybe an ETA ? :slight_smile: That’s the only thing missing for me to switch from Owncloud to Cozy Cloud. Everything else is awesome !



Hi @Lecter2508,

You’re right, we didn’t publish any update on our roadmap for some month now. So, here are some news! During the last months, we decided to focus on the stability of the Android App before starting working on the iOs application. This also means improving the way the applications running inside Cozy communicate with external applications, so it will ease the development of the iOS application.
Working on an application for iOS is still on our roadmap, but we probably won’t start working on it before the spring.

What are the main features you’ll like to see in such an app?


Hi Clochix !

I’m sorry I took such a long time to answer. The main feature would be file synchronization and the ability to share from the app with other (by mail with a link). You could then add contact or calendar sync but honestly I already use other solutions for that and I don’t see the need to change for Cozy. But I’m pretty sure others would do ! On the Android I think there is an option for photos back up. That would be nice but I think the main feature I’m looking for is file sync. Other stuff is always a plus but might be add later if others are requesting it.



Hello @Lecter2508
Thank you for your feedback! Files sync is pretty much the basic plan for iOS application, we are definitely going to do it at some point. However we have no estimate about when we start working on it. What I can say is that we will probably not be working on it during the next three months.

You can check the public roadmap to see what we are working on:



Deep integration into iOS so data can be shared between apps would be very helpful. I would like to have Cozy as a platform option where other cloud services are offered such as “Open in Drop Box”, or “Open in OneDrive.” An “Open in Cozy” option would be great!



Can you just explain me what kind of iPhone or iOS apps are you in interested?

We have proficiency in integrating iOS apps with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

We have wonderful exposure in developing music apps, business apps, social media apps and also widget development.

so if you want to try any of the above apps, then it would be nice to share some work with you.


Thanks for your kind proposition @iphonedev, but we have developped an iPhone application by ourselves, and it is now available.