Is it possible to make a query which is dependent upon props?


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I’m building off of the create-cozy-app to learn how to use it. I’m trying to build a sort of list-of-lists based off of the original “to-do list” project. I have a sidebar which allows adding, removing, and navigating the lists, and I set up this router scheme to pass the list name from the sidebar through to the Todos component:

<Content className="app-content">
    <Route path="/:todos" component={Todos} />
    <Redirect from="/" to="/todos" />

My doctypes folder is like so:

// ** in index.js ** //

import { ENTRIES_DOCTYPE } from './entries'
import { LISTS_DOCTYPE } from './lists'

// the documents schema, necessary for CozyClient
export default {
  entries: {
    doctype: ENTRIES_DOCTYPE,
    attributes: {},
    relationships: {
      list: {
        type: 'belongs-to-in-place',
        doctype: LISTS_DOCTYPE
  lists: {
    doctype: LISTS_DOCTYPE,
    attributes: {},
    relationships: {
      entries: {
        type: 'has-many',
        doctype: ENTRIES_DOCTYPE

// export all doctypes for the application
export * from './entries'
export * from './lists'

// ** In lists.js ** //

export const LISTS_DOCTYPE = 'tech.tams.todo-lists'

// query
export const listsQuery = client => client.find(LISTS_DOCTYPE)

// ** in entries.js **//

export const ENTRIES_DOCTYPE = 'tech.tams.entries'

// queries for CozyClient

export const entriesQuery = client => client.find(ENTRIES_DOCTYPE)

In the Todos component, I added const { listID } = props.routeParams to get the listID from the route, and I could filter directly in the component by something like === listID, but that would be hugely inefficient and require pulling down every entry from every list, then filtering it client-side for the right values every time a user switched lists. Ouch.

A potential solution

One potential solution is for the queryConnect function to optionally accept a function instead of an object. Then I could do a queryConnect statement like so:

export default queryConnect(props => ({
  todos: {
    query: entriesQuery.where({ '': props.routeParams.listID }),
    as: 'todos'

Is there a solution that the current API offers that would have this effect?


Hello @dscottboggs. Thanks for experimenting with create-cozy-app and cozy-client.

It is actually possible to make a query that depends on props, but for now it requires you to use the Query component inside your Todo component. Query uses the render prop (or render as a child) pattern, which you can read about in the React docs if you are not comfortable with this:

Still, the solution you propose at the end of your post is also a good idea I think, and I opened an issue on the cozy-client Github repo: We will discuss it and eventually implement it. Thanks!


@dscottboggs : after discussion with the team, what you want to achieve is actually already possible. It lacked some documentation, so we just added it. You can read about it here:

This is not exactly the syntax you proposed, but it achieves the same goal :wink:


Oh, that’s actually even better than what I suggested! Thanks so much!