Latest news from the Cozy project


Cozy Music

Ronan is back for two months, following his internship at the beginning of 2016, to move forward the development of Cozy Music.

He already improved the application flow, added the multi song selection and the possibility to reorganize musics inside of a playlist. He also plans to allow the author or song reordering, to display song’s metadata and modifications of the title, author and album of a song.

Please visit our forum if you want to send us your feedback and or ideas on Music.

2FA users: Disable 2FA before updating Cozy

Recently, new versions Cozy’s Home and Proxy were released. These releases change the way Cozy handles 2FA, and will certainly break yours, locking you outside of your own Cozy. Brendan created a post on the forum to explain you how to fix this problem and why it happened: 2FA users: Disable 2FA before updating Cozy.

About Frank

Frank Rousseau, one of Cozy Cloud cofounders, just quit the project. We want to thank Frank for all the energy he invested in Cozy and we wanted to restate that the open source approach he was the advocate is more alive than ever, thanks to Cozy’s employees and contributors engaged in this process. But taking our word for it is not enough, we will show in the following weeks that Cozy can be even more open and make room for more and more participation! Bruno Michel, former CTO of AF83 and administrator, becomes Cozy Cloud’s lead developer and will be supervising all the technical aspects of Cozy.

What’s up on the forum?

You like to listen to podcasts? Thanks to our fierce Brendan, you can now import them to your server and listen to them in Cozic. Interested? Go to Konnectors, select “Podcast” and paste the url of your favorite flux. You can follow the announcement on the forum.

You can find our new FAQ on the forum : we answered your questions about encryption, our vision about self-hosting and questions about space used by your Cozy. We also clarified our position about Docker.

Participating MyData 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Cozy Cloud is going to participate to MyData2016, an event taking place in Helsinki, Finland, starting on August 31st. Cozy — which is also a partner of the event — will discuss how its platform can help in “advancing human-centric personal data”. Join us there!