Library app for the Cozy platform


Hey everyone, as mentioned in the title I would like to make a library app for the Cozy platform.

The background: I’m from Italy and currently attending a computer since school.
I’m in my last year and I have to make a project for my final exams. That’s why I thought I could make a library app for the Cozy platform.

Basically the app should display all E-books on the cloud, including all of their metadata and their thumbnail.
Maybe in future (as soon as possible) I would like to add a feature which would allow any user to automatically download newspapers like Caliber has implemented it.

One of the problems I’d have to face though is that I have no experience with Node.js but I’m pretty sure I could make it with a little help.

Before I start I would like to hear some of your opinions. Do you think this app is a good idea?

PS: Is the mention ship program still alive?


Hello @mrtn,

Awesome idea, we’ll be glad to help you, for example with some mentorship! Such an application is often requested, and I think a lot of users will find it very useful.

This is not an issue as Node.js applications will be deprecated in the next version of Cozy. So, now, the easiest way to develop an application for Cozy is to create a web app running inside the browser and interacting with Cozy through our browser SDK. Having a look at cozy-music, which uses this architecture, should be a good starting point.

If you have any question, we are here to help!


First of all thank you for your support and your hint about the browser SDK!
I’ll take a look at it as soon as possible!
Is there any way to contact you directly?


What do you mean by “directly”?
You can send an email to contact at, or come chat with us on IRC, channel #cozycloud on freenode.