Looking for German speaking users



One of our new users is German and looks for some resources in German to learn how to use Cozy. I know there are German speaking people here, how about opening a new section in this forum for support in German? (unfortunately, nobody from the Cozy Team will be able to help).


I’m german speaking and would be glad to help (as much as I can :wink: ). A German speaking section would be nice.


i am also an german speaking user.
i am using cozy cloud on my private virtual server and second on cozycloud for testing.
A german section would be very nice.


I am also German and run a self hosted cozy cloud on my raspberry pi 2. Knowledge transfer and exchange would be very nice


Well, here we go: Hier, man spricht Deutsch! :tada:

I created a “Deutsch” category and I let you write a small introduction inside the first topic. Of course, don’t hesitate to report us questions from german users, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Frölich Wolke!