March 2015: News about the Cozy project


Hi all,

Here are the latest news about the Cozy project. You will find what the community did and what the Cozy Team achieved during the last month.

Patch Notes


  • Bnj made big progress on Kresus by fixing bugs, improving search feature and allowing to create and synchronize accounts directly in the application.
  • Yanntech strenghtened the cerficates generated by the installation script.
  • Janx is working on a konnector to fetch currencies data in your Cozy.
  • Janx improved the Cozy Dockerfile.
  • Goofy, Janx and NumEricR helped us with the French and English wording.
  • Sylzys improved the Calendar application by making calendar creation and modification easier.
  • Nicodel performed some fixes on Cozy Light.
  • Runvnc performed a fix on Cozydb.
  • [Flootr](https://github.c Marchom/flootr) update a dependency in Cozy Ical.
  • We had many many bug reports and feature suggestions thank you all for your help !

That’s all for the contributions! If you want to contribute to the project, you can check the following links:

About our issues, we’ll add a new label called “Good For First Contribution”. That way you will be able to know which problem can be solved by a first time contributor.


  • The Cozy Mobile is now faster, more stable and backup your pictures without the need of opening the application each time (it runs as a daemon) (Guillaume).
  • The desktop client is now available and published as a read-only version (Romain).
  • A Dockerfile is available and the Ansible playbook was fixed (NB: we won’t maintain the Ansible playbook anymore) (Alexis).
  • Better experience with the file upload, mostly debugs (Joseph).
  • Contact import and synchronization handles all the common fields (Frank).
  • The Cozy Email client was improved a lot (stability, performances) (Brice). Current state:
  • The essential part of downloading, reading, deleting and sending work well.
  • We are now working on improving the user experience and debugging minor bugs.
  • The thumbnail generation is handled by the Data System and no more by the photo application. It will lead to better performance and the capability for other applications to display thumbnails (Zoé).
  • Cozy management via the command line is more stable (Zoé).
  • Home information about update and application state is more explicit and clear (Matthias and Zoé).
  • A lot of fixes and tests were performed by the whole team thanks to the community bug report.

Work in Progress

  • We are focusing on the email client and looking for other potential security holes.

That’s all for this month. Thank you for your attention!