Maximum number of files and file size limit



I have directories with thousands of sub-directories and sometimes up to 10K+ files. Almost all of them are very small but some of them are 2-5 GB. Is that a problem for Cozy Drive?

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Hello @r4040,

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For now, we have a max file size limit of 5 Go (that may change in the future).
We have no limit on the number of file, but the synchronisation could take quite a long time.
When you start the sync application for the first time, it first build a full index of your files metadata. If you have thousands of files, building this index will be resource heavy. Once the index is built, syncing your files updates should just work fine.
Which operating system are you using? (we are aware of some performances issues on MacOS).



thank you for your fast response. I am using GNU/Linux (Fedora). I going to try it today and I’ll report back if I encounter any problems.


Sadly synchronizing stops at random times and does not continue which makes the app unusable in it’s current state for me. I opened a issue on GitHub:

I also noticed that the upload speed is very slow with Cozy Drive (2 MB/s), I don’t know if this is normal.



Thanks for the feedback.

Next time you give the application a try, could you send us a message from its contact form when it stops? The application will join its logs to the message so we can have a look and try to understand why it stops?
Also, could you send me the URL of your server so I can have a look at its logs?

Regarding the upload speed, we have no limit on our side, but our servers are located in france, so, depending on where you are, the network may be a bit slow.


You have a lot of files, so you may hit an inotify limit. Maybe could you try to update the inotify limit as described here:


I have already tried this, without success, unfortunately.


Sure, I will do that.