Mentorship Program


Hi everyone,

We think contributors deserve attention. So, the Cozy Cloud team will propose mentorship programs to anyone who wants to contribute to the project by coding. The program is simple: a Cozy core developer will dedicate 4 hours a week to help you with:

  • Setting up your development environment
  • Configuring your application
  • Answering to your technical questions
  • Helping in promoting your app
  • Fixing bugs in your application
  • Learning the basics of Node.js, ExpressJS, BackboneJS and ReactJS (Backbone or React depending on your choice)

What do we require for this program?

  • A commitment in building and maintaining your app OR regular contributions to the project.
  • An app published under a Free and Open source License (MIT, AGPL, BSD)
  • Good behavior among the community

To apply for a mentor you can either reply to this thread or send us an email to contact at cozycloud dot cc. Github is a great medium too to ask for it.


Mentoring status:

Contributor: @remstw

  • App: Geolocation storage
  • Mentor: @frank

Contributor: @Terrycloth

Contributor: @doubleface

Contributor: @cid

Contributor: @Peltoche

Contributor: @pierre

  • App: Weather, Zero Feeds, Quickmarks
  • Mentor: Laurence


April 2015: News about the Cozy project

Is mentorship possible in order to add 1 feature to a cozy-something or is it better to just open an issue ?


Yep, that could work. The timeframe of a mentorship is not defined, it can be one week or two months.


Would a git repository hosting service be of use to anyone? Like a personal github. Or has someone done that already?


Hi @aafrey,

I don’t think anyone did such an app for Cozy, or that person didn’t share it with the community.
I’d be interested in this, and I know some people in my school would be too :wink: