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From V2 to V3

A lot of you have been using the first Cozy prototype (aka V2) and to provide feedback. We have learn a lot from your feedback and would like to thank you. And from what we have learn, we have build a brand new Cozy. Our mission stay the same: Cozy is your online home, secure, private and respectful, where you can gather all your personal data. But the user interface has been totally redone, to make it way easier to use. Cozy is also compatible with most of the mobile and desktop operating systems: you can synchronize your files with Android, iOS, GNU/Linux, MacOS ou Windows devices. The new Cozy is also more open: you now can share your folders or photo albums with your friends. And, last but not least, installing several Cozy on a server has never been so simple, so you can host personal cloud servers for your related ones on your own server.

We’ll soon get in touch with all of you who use a Cozy V2 hosted on our own servers to migrate to the brand new Cozy V3. Old servers be gradually deleted.

Some of the applications available in Cozy V2 don’t exist (yet) on the new Cozy. So we won’t be able to migrate all your data. Only your files and photos will be copied to your new server. So, if you use other applications, you’ll have to export your data and find alternatives. Don’t worry: we are here to help you. One of our motto is “you’ll stay because you can leave”. You own your data.

So we are opening this thread to discuss about data migration and alternative to applications that won’t be available in Cozy V3.

(if you want to keep an old V2 server on your own host, we can send you an archive of your data that can be imported into another server. But keep in mind that Cozy V2 is now deprecated, we wont provide any support on old applications).

Other free clouds

Diversity makes an ecosystem healthy. Cozy can not be the universal solution to everyone’s need. Other free cloud services exist, with other goals. For example:

  • Nextcloud offers a lot of applications to deal with files, contacts, calendars… but with a different approach: Cozy is user centric where NextCloud is better suited for groups;
  • YunoHost allows to easily manage a GNU/Linux server and install third party applications, but without providing integration between the applications. A lot of applications are available, that you can install in one click.

Other providers

To regain control on your online life, you don’t need to have time or know how to administrate a GNU/Linux server. A lot of trusted providers offer ethical hosting services, like the members of the the french collective CHATONS, or our beloved Framasoft friends;

Alternative applications

Let’s take a tour of all applications available in V2.

  • Files is available in V3, and all your files will be migrated;
  • Photos is available in V3 and all your albums will be migrated;
  • calendar and contact : porting this applications to Cozy V3 is on our roadmap, but not one of our priorities. So, for now, your calendars and contacts won’t be migrated to V3.Fortunately, you can use CalDAV and CardDAV to export your data to other applications. Nextcloud offers compatible Calendar and Contact applications.
  • Konnectors are available in V3;
  • Kresus was the awesome personal finance manager of Cozy V2. It is not compatible with Cozy V3, so it continues its journey as a standalone project, and a new Bank application will be available soon in V3;
  • Mails : a lot of free webmails are available, so we don’t think adding one to cozy would be useful. If you need a free mail application, you could consider using the one in NextCloud, or Rainloop or Roundcube that are available on Yunohost. Horde and Squirrelmail are also good alternatives;
  • Music: all your music files will be imported to Cozy V3 (but not the playlists. Also, for now, there are no application to play music or videos);
  • we don’t plan to develop a Notes application in Cozy V3. If you need such an application, you culd have a look at Laverna. Framasoft offers two free services, Framanotes based on Turtle and an Etherpad server, Framapad;
  • KYou is not maintained anymore and won’t be ported to Cozy V3;
  • Maps was a community driven project. It has not been ported to V3 yet. uMap is an alternative service;
  • sadly, Tasky is deprecated and won’t be available V3.

A lot of third party applications had been ported to Cozy V3, and can be installed as standalone applications on your own server. For example:

You know other alternatives? You have questions? The discussion is open!

Migration vers le nouveau Cozy
The old *.cozycloud.cc test servers will be deleted soon
The old *.cozycloud.cc test servers will be deleted soon







Hi, is it still possible for me to migrate? I have always loved and recommended the service to be in person and on my blog. I’ve been using Cozy Cloud since Frank was working on it.


Hello @absullivan just drop us an email at contact at cozycloud.cc and we’ll see if we could re-activate your server in order to migrate it to Cozy V3.


Guys, is there any ETA for releasing Cozy V3 contacts app? For me this is the only show-stopper for completely switching to it. vcard importing and Android sync will be good enough for the start.

I know it’s a mauveton to ask maintainers of an opensource project to reveal their plans. However I have seen recent activity in github repo and alpha release on cozy cloud so I hope to be not too offensive;)


Hello @kolya.ay,

Welcome aboard!

No offense at all, we understand a lot of you are waiting for the contact application for months.

The development of the application is quite slow this days, as we mainly focus on the new sharing features that are coming to Drive.
Once the new sharing will be released, we’ll come back to Contact and add mobile sync and vcard import. So we have no precise ETA. Sorry about that.