New Ansible Playbook Available!


Hi all,

Ansible is a simple configuration system that allows people to automate installation and maintenance of services on a remote server. Its simplicity makes it very popular among people who hosts services on a personal server.

It’s based on the concept of playbooks. A playbook describes the state of a service and its requirements to work properly. If something is missing Ansible will perform required operations to bring the service to the required state.

Example: Sovereign is project that provides a lot of playbooks to install personal services on your webserver.

Now let’s jump to the good news! Zaurky and Guillaume built together a Playbook for Cozy! Lots of people were asking for that one, so we are pretty happy. So, Zaurky started from the role of Guillaume. Then he made some fixes and made it a single project. You can find it on this Github repo:

Here are the instruction to run it (Ubuntu 14.04):

# Install ansible
sudo apt-get install ansible

# Clone the repository
git clone
cd ansible-cozy-playbook

# Install role dependencies
ansible-galaxy install -r galaxy.yml -p ./roles

# Store your remote server address
echo "[myserver]" > hosts
echo "" >> hosts

# Run the playbook
ansible-playbook playbook.yml -i hosts

Try it and report bug to the author! Thank you Zaurky and Guillaume for this awesome contribution!

PS : Casper, a Fedora developer, is building a Cozy playbook too.