News features in your Cozy - 03/07/2018


Hello there,

This month, lot’s of new features inside your Cozy! We launched Cozy Store, Cozy Contact and added 30 connectors!

##After 5 months live, Cozy presents its marketplace: Cozy Store
We are super excited to announce today the Cozy Store! You will find all the applications available for Cozy, as well as all the connectors that now become “Services”. More than 100 services help you to gather your bills, documents and bank statements in 1 click.

Thus Cozy creates and develops a virtuous and open ecosystem of applications and services that allow any supplier and/or contributor to develop an application or a service.

If you want to learn more about the Cozy Store and everything it will change within your Cozy, you can read the blog post we just wrote.

Cozy Contacts is here in Alpha

The users of the former version of Cozy were sending me lots of email, and I was hopeless to tell them “Yes it’s there”. The team kept it’s promise and here it is: Cozy Contacts the app to synchronize all your contacts. Available in an Alpha version, you can now download in your Cozy a copy of your contacts stored on your Google accounts (here is the first step to free yourself from Google).

Next steps for our developers: allow you to download your iCloud contact and then CardDAV.

##30 new services!
30! It’s almost 3 soccer teams or the number of Saturn moons. Most importantly it is as many new possibilities to import data from your suppliers. There are now more than 100 services helping you simplify your administrative life.

And without further ado, here is the list of the 30 new services (that will help you to gather your bills, except stated otherwise):


Eau de Grenoble, Electricité de Strasbourg, Veolia Eau




IPX800 - GCE électronique (electricity consuption statistics)

Online services

Delivroo, Helloasso (payment proof), Inulogic, Nespresso, Product Board, Scaleway, Unibet (deposit list), Zalando


Le Monde Diplomatique, Médiapart


Auchan Drive, Cdiscount, Cultura, Digitick, Glisshop, JustEat, Ma Lentille, O2 Home Services, Stickers Discount, Zooplus




Foncia, Médecin Sans Frontières (donation certificate), Pay by phone

Cozy Drive: drag & drop

From this moment forward, when you use Cozy Drive on your Browser, you will be able to drag & drop your files and folders directly in your Cozy. It’s super useful, especially when you need to transfer documents on your Cozy from a computer that’s not yours!