News features in your Cozy - 17/07/2018


Hello there,

This week, lot’s of new features inside your Cozy! We’ve updated Cozy Drive and Cozy Banks on mobile and the Discovery page on Cozy Store.

Cozy Drive on your phone

You can now, whatever your phone, export a file from your Cozy to another application. Convenient to send a file attachment by email!
If you have an iPhone X, rejoice, we’ve optimized the Cozy Drive display for your phone. Good news before the holidays, is not it?

Cozy Banks: iPhone notifications

You can now receive notifications on your iPhone. You will be informed when you fall below a certain threshold, have a transaction exceeding a certain amount or have been reimbursed by your insurance company.

Cozy Store

Many of you have discovered the Cozy Store recently. Thanks to your feedback, we have improved the discovery page of your applications and services. Go discover it right into your Cozy.