News from the Cloud : event sharing - Node 4 migration


Share event between Cozies

Great news for all the Cozy users! It is now possible to share events between Cozies. @Paul explains this new feature in details on the forum.

Cozy works with Node 4.2

Cozy now works with Node 4.2 ! We have migrated all the Cozies we host, but if you are self-hosting your personal cloud, you’ll need to upgrade. @nledez explains how to do it.

What’s up on the forum

More and more Cozy users are participating to the forum, asking questions or discussing the future of Cozy. We hope you’ll join the discussion soon!

  • @nicodel gave some news of Run, Bike, Hike, the personal sports log / GPS recording application he’s working on. Feel free to try it and provide Nicodel some feedback.
  • To help new self-hosted users find their way into Cozy, we described the main folders used by Cozy. A lot of self-hosted users are also wondering where the documents are on the filesystem when stored in Files application. To make a long story short: in Cozy, all documents are stored inside the database.

Europe’s Customer Festival - 13 & 14 September 2016 - London

@nitot will be giving a talk on “How brands can leverage the Self data approach to prevent disruption” at Europe’s Customer Festival that will take place at the Business Design Center in London. If the company you work for relies on access to user data and could be dis-intermediated by companies like Google or Facebook, then you should definitively attend the presentation to understand how one can access customer data without compromising privacy. See you there!