Registering a manually activated instance


I’m trying to set up a self-host with a deployment based on moritzheiber/cozy-docker. I’ve got Traefik in front for SSL, so the coclyco initialization isn’t really appropriate for my setup. I ran cozy-stack instances add --apps collect,contacts,drive,home,photos,settings,store --email <my email> <subdomain>, which initialized the instance, but when I visit the page, I get a message “You need to activate your Cozy”. Then I found this post which prompted me to send a request to <url>/?registerToken=my-hex-token, which redirected me to onboarding.<url>/?registerToken=my-hex-token.

The command curl -v -H Host:onboarding.<url> localhost:8080/?registerToken=my-hex-token returns the text Application is not installed, with a 404 response.

What next?


You need to install onboarding app like this:
cozy-stack apps install --domain <url> onboarding git://


Thanks, that got it working.


Thanks @archange,

For the record, this issue only only happens when you don’t use cozy-coclico (which is the recommended way for installing Cozy).

The onboarding application will be merged into the cozy-stack soon, which should solve its installation issues.