State of Docker


Hi there,

I’m really confused just looking at the 130 repositories and different versions and overall fragmentation of cozy.
As far as I can see there is no working version to get up and running with docker.
Or am I mistaken?
I wanted to quickly run an instance to actually see if cozy fits my needs.
To be able to build a docker instance however I kinda need some information about the overall application architecture/design.

obviously if you want to run in docker you don’t want to build one massive container that runs all services. But build a group of services, that together builds your cozy stack.

Components I could figure out so far:

  • CouchDB (Is that a special version or will any couchdb > version x.x do?)
  • Cozy Instances (here I’m not sure if it’s actually multiple instances and how those are linked to cozy-stack?)


Hello @Obbi

Welcome aboard :smile:

You’re right, for now we don’t provide any Docker image.

If you want an overview of the server architecture, I guess this could help: