Support for AppArmor on Debian



I would like to know if anyone already wrote AppArmor profiles for Cozy, on Debian Stretch.
I am planning to add Cozy to my mail platform, which is using AppArmor.

Also, does the server is still using nodejs, or everything is now in Go. The reason I am asking, is because I want to deploy the platform on small devices (although x86 architecture).

Finally, is Cozy comes with a photo gallery?

For information, I am going to integrate Cozy in this project, next year: I will keep you posted.



Hello @arodier,

We are not aware of any use of Cozy with Apparmor.

The main server is written in go, but the connectors the import data from remote websites are written in Node.js and run inside a sandbox (nsjail).


This looks nice, thanks :smile: