The old * test servers will be deleted soon



Here’s a last reminder to migrate your files from your old Cozy V2 server (hosted on * domains) to a brand new Cozy V3. If you want your files to be migrated, just click on . Your old server will be deleted soon, so if you keep important data on it, migrate or backup them now!

Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with your new Cozy:

  • Brand new, improved User eXperience made to be more intuitive for everyone
  • Sync files and photos between several devices (PCs running GNU/Linux, Windows or MacOS; tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android)
  • Share photos with friends and relatives in a few clicks
  • Import data from third parties such as bills from ISP, mobile operator and so on in order to simplify paperwork
  • Backup important documents in a safe place so that you can access them from all devices all the time

And much more:

  • Manage your expenses and bank accounts (coming soon)
  • Run applications that can leverage personal data while protecting your privacy (coming soon)

If there are functionalities that your old server had and your new server does not, no worries, you’ll be able to keep it a little longer: just tell us you want to by sending an email to

Do you have any questions regarding migration to Cozy V3 Beta and how to replace apps running in V2? Head over to the forum where we have prepared a post that addresses all of these questions: Migrate to the new Cozy

Cozy has made a lot of progress lately, but it’s still young (that’s why it still carries that Beta tag), so we count on you to share with us how you think we could improve it so that a broader audience can use it as a tool to take back control over their personal data.

See you soon on the forum, on IRC or in real life in Cozy meetups so that we can chat what we need to address in the new Cozy!

Migration V2 a V3

Hi @Clochix,

Thanks for the reminder. I finally took the time to setup a Nextcloud to deal with my contacts. I didn’t want to give them back to Google.
A few of them failed to import correctly, but nearly all of them where OK during the export/import process.

Thanks v2 and everyone in the team. Long live v3 !


Contrary to what I have said earlier, I still have an issue with contact import. I’m still trying to figure out the problem.
I will email Claude to keep my v2 instance alive a little bit longer.


Ok, I solved my problem. Here is a little feedback in case some one faced the same issue.

As recommended in this topic, I use NextCloud to deal with my 1500+ contacts. However, note that :

  • Cozy v2 contacts export feature provides a VCARD compatible file (.vcf extension). However it is somehow incorrectly formatted and you’ll get trouble importing it completely and correctly into another tool, NextCloud included.
  • Whether you’re dealing with a high number of contacts, your NextCloud instance has to be setup to accept a high number fo contacts. Many factors may put a limit. See this thead for details. For instance, I was not able to import more than 512 contacts ont Unixcorn’s Nextcloud.

Thanks to Claude from Cozy, I was able to transfert all my contact using this procedure :

  • Subscribe to of install a NextCloud instance. Be sure it provides enought space for your contacts. Unixcorn didn’t work for me (but i still very much appreciate their services) but OwnCube did the job.
  • Install Thunderbird and Cardbook extension
  • In Cardbook, create a remote address book and synchronize it with your Cozy v2. Go to the sync section ( to retrieve parameters.
  • Set it as read-only to avoid deleting them by mistake
  • Still in Carbook, create another remote address book and synchronize it with your brand new NextCloud instance following this procedure
  • Once synchronized is done on both sides, copy contact from one address book to the other and start a new synchronization.
  • All your contacts, including photos, are in your Nextcloud ! Congrats :slight_smile:

You’re now able to sync your contacts on your Android phone with DAVDroid.

BTW, my v2 instance may be marked for deletion. Thank you Cozy team for the hard work !