Unhosted meets Cozy: Remote Storage is now avalaible in your Cozy!


Hi everybody,

I would like to introduce you to a project we all love at Cozy: it’s called Unhosted. They advocate the concept that web apps should offer the choice of data storage location to their users. That way, users can keep control over their data while still being able to enjoy apps provided by third-party developers. Like every good hackers, Unhosted crew walked the talk. They built Remote storage, a technology that allows web application to choose the location of the web storage. Users can keep their data in a place of their own.

And now here is the good news: two weeks ago Romain and Michiel built a Remote Storage appliance for Cozy (see here for the whole story). It means that you can enjoy all the Unhosted apps like Laverna or SVG edit while storing data in your Cozy. So, When you finish enjoying this sunny day (at least in Paris ;)), try the new Remote Storage application available in the Cozy App Registry:

(proxy module update required before installing this new application):

It’s big news for another reason. In the decentralized world, projects are young with very different architectures, so collaboration between them is hard and rare. Today, we are proud to announce that a bridge was built between Unhosted project and Cozy. By working together we will go faster to propose a strong alternative to the Cloud Giants.


Nice. This is exciting!


Is this still working? I am a developer an an unhosted app, and would love to be able to use Cozy.

I saw the repository, but found no instructions on how to use it…


Hello @paulobarcelos,

Welcome abaord :slight_smile:

Sadly, Remotestorage is not available anymore in Cozy :frowning:

The first version of Cozy, on wich we ported RemoteStorage, has been deprecated for soem months now, and RS is not available yet on the brand new Cozy we are working on. So you can’t use Cozy as a backend for your RS powered apps. Sorry.


Any chances it will be possible to port it to the brand new Cozy? :slight_smile:
I saw there’s some sort of “app store” on the workings…

It seems Cozy is pushing the data ownership agenda, which is awesome, and remote storage could not be more aligned with that. A great way to get more users into your platform, and a great way to make it easier for developers to create “data free” services… win win! :slight_smile:


It’s hard to answer. Our new architecture make it a little bit harder to port RemoteStorage to Cozy. On Cozy V2, you could install node.js application on the server. This is not possible anymore. Now, we have a monolithic server that offer services to HTML applications through an API. This is way more scalable, but means that adding Remote Storage support would require to add a RS server inside our Cozy server. Our new server is written in Go, and no RS server seems to be available in Go so we would have to implement one from scratch.

I was a huge fan of RS long time ago, but sadly the number of applications using it is low, so adding support on the server side is not one of our priorities.